1. ethandesu:

    Balmorals for Winter

    Carmina 10092 Bal Boots on the Robert Last

    Made to Order

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  2. thecoastaltheory:

    Deluxe Chevy Wingtip Boots

    The blues on my feet match my feelings. 

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  3. Take care of your feet this fall & look good doing so. 

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  4. 1K

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  6. gqfashion:

    Don’t Call ‘Em S#!%kickers

    The secret to finding a winter-ready, office-proper boot that doesn’t look like you stole it from a longshoreman? That flashy white sole. More info on our picks here.

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  9. nickelcobalt:

    (via The Bengal Stripe: Red Wing Shoes Amsterdam Webshop Launch)

    In case you didn’t catch it on any of the major menswear news outlets.


  10. She’s killing the boots. Nice color splash.


    Trying not to give myself bangs before the gent comes. It’s sooo tempting. 

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  11. Put the socks in the bag too…


    Those boots…